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Love & Appreciation is in the Air!

The sunrise has been breathtaking in the early morning hours recently. During my morning walks, I look to the sky in awe at the amazing colors. The days are getting longer and we get to enjoy the sunshine for a few extra minutes each day.

Love is in the air and I want to list what I truly love about my profession as a Realtor since 1983:

I love to put a smile on my clients’ faces. And I know I couldn’t do what I love without my team of fellow Realtors, title companies, bankers, engineers, and contractors. Together, we get the job done and I appreciate every one of my team members.

I am looking forward to the future.


Here are some photos of the beautiful sunrises that the Ozarks have been blessed with over the years.

Sunrise behind the trees Sunrise in the Ozarks
Cloudy sunrise Pink and purple sunrise
Sunrise in the Ozarks Red and orange sunrise