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Archive: June 2017

As I sit, sipping my coffee on my back deck, gazing across the fog-covered terrain, I reflect back over this year and feel a smile coming on. Our rainfall at times was epic. The beauty of nature was both violent and picturesque. Flooded rivers scraped mud and branches from the shoreline, leaving barren ground behind when the swell subsided.

But life is good and we are moving on. Our community in this wonderful area came together to help one another in our times of need, when nature fought against us. Through the tough times, we hold tight and we rebuild stronger than before.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer and the beautiful excitement that the Ozarks bring.

Shoreline of the river View down the hillside of the foggy river
Blue sky with light fog over the lake View of the lake from the shore
Fog over a field with trees Early morning fog over the Ozark hills
Colorful clouds with an early sunrise