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Archive: April 2017
Spring Brings New Beginnings

Springtime is about new beginnings... for people, for nature, for everything in-between. Even though it is officially spring, the indecisive Arkansas weather has allowed me to see frost on the rooftops in the morning while still enjoying a warm breeze in the afternoon. It is always a beautiful morning here in Mountain Home.

The dogwoods are in bloom, the grass is turning green (recovering from the brown tint it had just days before), and the birds are singing a happy tune. They scurry about, searching for seeds falling from the newly-opened blooms in the garden. Spring in the Ozarks is beautiful, alive, and bustling with activity - my favorite time of the year.

Dogwood tree blossoms Bald eagles in nest in a tree
Blooming daffodils Baby bald eagles in nest in a tree
Male Roadrunner in the grass Cherry tree blossoms
Sunrise over foggy field Hummingbird on branch