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National Dog Month

When searching for a new home, you can't forget about the 4-legged children. Whether you've got a small or large fur baby, they all need space to run, play fetch, stretch, and cuddle. As an animal lover myself, I can help you sniff out the perfect patch of grass for the furry ones too. Give me a call and let's celebrate National Dog Month by finding you the perfect home where you'll all have a dog waggin' good time.  

Two dogs in a vehicle with their head out the window. A dog sitting on the floor with a carrot in its mouth. Two dogs outside on the grass.

   A dog walking on the snow. A dog in a sweater sitting on the floor.

Summer Lovin'

Summer in the Ozarks offers endless amounts of fun, and there's something for everyone, just like the new home options. Are you a water lovin' enthusiast? You've got many bodies of water to choose from for your fishing, boating, kayaking, or paddleboarding needs. Imagine purchasing a new home with amazing views of the lake or a back door that overlooks the river. There is an abundance of summer activities in the Ozarks and several homes to choose from. Let's kick off the summer with the purchase of a new home!

still water surrounded by trees american flag on a grassy field with water and trees in the background








School's Out, Summer's In

As school wraps up for the year and graduates are gearing up for a new chapter, you can be purchasing a new home! Once the school year ends and the summer begins, this is the perfect time to move into a new home. The kiddos will be out for summer break, and you'll have more helpers to pack and move. Before you know it, you can be having a BBQ in your new backyard, enjoying your morning coffee on your new porch, or hosting a housewarming party to get your family and friends together. Let me know what features you are interested in so you can enjoy the summer in your new home.

grassy field with a bird bath and water and trees in the background blooming trees with water in the background

grassy field, trees, and hills with water peeking through backyard view of a bird house and trees

Summer Fun on the Water

I always look forward to summertime in the Ozarks. There are a number of summer activities to enjoy. Whether you like boating on the lake, hiking one of the many trails, or fishing for some of the biggest fish, there's always an adventure waiting for you. Summer is also the perfect time to go on an incredible adventure and buy or sell a home.

The picturesque mountains and lakes of the Ozarks are something I will forever love to photograph. These beautiful views can be an everyday sight for you. I would love to help you find a breathtaking view from just outside your window or just a few miles down the road. Imagine living so close to the water where you can drive a short distance and be kayaking on the water, paddleboarding with your dog, or swimming with your family.

Home is not a place, it's a feeling.

Give me a call and I will find you that feeling.

calm water between trees flowing river between trees

School Is Out. Let's Scream and Shout.

Kids are out for the summer. Kids are getting bigger. Kids are moving out.

So much happens when school is out and you're probably wondering how you'll be able to buy or sell a home during this time. I have over 35 years of real estate experience, so I can assist you in making this process as easy as possible. Nothing is impossible. Even the word "impossible" can spell out "I'm possible". Give me a call and we can make this happen.

Imagine how much fun your children will have moving into a new home. It will keep them busy and they will have a great story to tell their friends when school resumes.

Turn the key, walk through the door. A new home is all you ever wanted and more.

I can be the key to your new home.

hiking trail cloudy sky
cloudy sky above the trees creek in the woods

Zillow is Great, but an Agent is Better!

During the pandemic, the red hot real estate market fueled a new pastime for many - scrolling through online property listings. While we're always glad to see an increased interest in real estate, it's important to remember that the information on third-party sites may not reflect the actual status of the listing. I've had more than one client call to look at property they've found online, only to learn that it is already under contract, or has recently sold. The best way to make sure your getting the most recent property information is to give me a call. I can check our listings and the official MLS database to give you the most up-to-date info on what's REALLY available to suit your desired location and budget. When you're ready to relocate, I'm here to help. Just give me a call: 870-421-7978.

Birdbath on the lawn, and trees with the river flowing in the background and clouds in the sky
The hot August weather is no match for our cool, refreshing
lakes. Let me help you find your ideal spot whether it's in
town, on the lake, near the river, or out in the country.

Summer photos

two baby eagles in nest

American flag on a flag pole

a view of the lake during the summer time with a birdbath

Brightly colored butterfly on a flowering bush

a scene Bull Shoals Lake in the summer

looking up at the canopy of a large oak tree

a clearing in the woods in summer time

closeup of leaves on a tree with sun shining through

a cloud filled skies over a mountain range

Clouds with rain falling out

Decorative eyes, nose and lips on a tree trunk next to a road

a field surrounded by trees

Field with an old homestead in summer

Floating clouds mixed with whispy clouds

fog floating above the river


a silhouette of tree leaves in front of a sunset sky

Hummingbird feeder next to a deck with the mountains in the distance

a hummingbird in flight

a parachutist floating through the sky

a field with a small pond and trees

an aerial view of the river and some power lines

rays of sunlight through the clouds

a colorful sunset sky with floating clouds


As I sit, sipping my coffee on my back deck, gazing across the fog-covered terrain, I reflect back over this year and feel a smile coming on. Our rainfall at times was epic. The beauty of nature was both violent and picturesque. Flooded rivers scraped mud and branches from the shoreline, leaving barren ground behind when the swell subsided.

But life is good and we are moving on. Our community in this wonderful area came together to help one another in our times of need, when nature fought against us. Through the tough times, we hold tight and we rebuild stronger than before.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer and the beautiful excitement that the Ozarks bring.

Shoreline of the river View down the hillside of the foggy river
Blue sky with light fog over the lake View of the lake from the shore
Fog over a field with trees Early morning fog over the Ozark hills
Colorful clouds with an early sunrise